Best Gift Ideas For Babies 0-3m (When You’ve Never Had A Baby!)

Buying a gift for a newborn baby, when you’ve never had one can be SO stressful!

I’ve unwittingly bought some pretty abysmal new baby gifts based on poor internet advice (I’m looking at you 3-foot fluffy unicorn!)

Some parents are super organised and have a baby registry, but most of the time you’re going to be going in blind. 

Don’t worry! This guide contains all the information you need, with gift ideas to suit every price range. 

Let’s get started.

What To Bear In Mind

Maybe you want to get a gift with longevity, but if you’re intending for your gift to be used in the newborn stage a few things to bear in mind:

  • They can’t sit up unaided till around 6 months
  • They can’t hold their own head up till 3-4 months
  • Their vision is pretty poor. They can see about 8 inches in front and even then it’s quite blurry. You wouldn’t guess from the plethora of pretty pastel toys for newborn babies, but actually black and white is most interesting for them. Soft shades are a marketing trick, adults like soft pastels, and we’re the ones that buy the presents.
  • They have limited hand-eye coordination and strength. Stretching and grabbing a small, super light toy is really the max here. They won’t be “playing” with any baby toys. 
  • They vary wildly in size, and clothes sizes are not standard. My baby was 7 pounds which is roughly average, yet she was nearly 3 months before she fitted into 0-3m clothes. A friend’s baby was too big for 0-3m from birth!

Monthly Milestones Marker

These are such a fun gift and will create some lovely memories for new parents.

It can be difficult to remember to take pictures in the whirlwind of the first year.

Having definite markers is a great gift as it will serve as a prompt and allow the parents to take photos they will cherish in the future.

There are several types of monthly milestone reminders, from cards to blankets to boards.

We are using cards and I love seeing the change each month from a squishy baby into a curious toddler.

I think blankets look really cute but I’m impressed at parents that manage to get their baby lying smiling on a blanket from about 9 months up.

My baby only lies down still to sleep!

Boards contain the most information – but I am definitely not organized enough to fill it out each month.

Baby Book

Baby books for newborns are a great bonding opportunity between parents and baby.

Talking to a baby as much as possible is ideal for language development, but it can feel unnatural to chat away to a newborn who will probably just blink back at you.

Turning the pages, and describing the book with different facial expressions is a great option to develop language skills without feeling silly.

I would avoid paper books for this age and look at either small board books or soft fabric books.

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels are a lovely gift for a new baby.

We love this one. It clips together so you can lift your baby safely out of the bath with two hands.

It’s nice and thick with two layers of toweling to keep your baby warm and you dry from splashes!

There’s so much for new parents to buy, luxury toweling is easily overlooked.

It’s a great practical gift and you can be sure they’ll be used time and time again for a long time to come.

Baby Wrap

If you know the parents intend to babywear then having an extra sling is so handy in those first few weeks.

We had three, one for each parent and one in the wash.

We used this one and I loved how soft and stretchy the fabric felt.

The neutral grey fitted well with my wardrobe and I loved being able to hold my newborn so close and snuggly while moving about my day

Homemade Gifts

If you have any crafting talents such as crochet or knitting a homemade gift can be really special. It’s so lovely getting a unique gift that was created especially for your child.

Here are few simple pattern ideas:

Soft blocks

Soft blocks are a great educational toy. These foam-filled fabric cubes can provide hours of fun.

They’re designed for older babies, who will enjoy stacking and knocking them over, but they are still a great toy for younger babies too.

They are usually high contrast with bright colors to grab your baby’s attention so they are good for practicing tracking.

We have these ones and before Christina was strong enough to play with them she enjoyed being shown the different animal faces and cars.

Their soft feel is gentle on little hands. They are lightweight and large. Perfect for grasping practice and improving that hand-eye coordination.

I also enjoyed that they were machine washable!

Baby Play Matt

A baby play matt, or gym, is a great way to stimulate kicking and stretching.

They’re great for a full baby workout, helping improve those gross motor skills essential for physical development.

As an added bonus most gyms have detachable toys that you can use to encourage tummy time.

There’s a range of prices from the entry-level fisher price to impressive Lovevery play gym.

Fab for teeny babies, but also handy for older babies as a distraction when they decide they can’t possibly lie still for a whole nappy change.


No baby list would be complete without teethers!

When those sore gums flare up parents will be climbing the walls for solutions (and sleep!)

Different textures work best for different stages of teething, so the best thing is a mixture of wooden, metal, and natural rubber teethers is ideal.

As these are small gifts they are perfect for personalisation for an added special touch.

Baby Sleep

New parents are obsessed with baby sleep (or rather the lack of it). Anything you can do to improve a baby’s sleep will win you gratitude forever.

White noise toys and machines mimic the sounds a baby hears in the womb and can really help to settle them. We love Ewan like one of the family. That little sheep has seen us through some rough nights.

This all-in-one room thermometer and night light helps parents keep the room temperature optimum for their little one and prevents fumbling around in the dark and stubbed toes during night feeds.

Babies seem to either love or hate a swaddle blanket. Christina was firmly in the hate camp, but I do have friends that rave about them. An extra sleep sack might be better received.

Car Toys

Most new parents spend weeks agonizing over car seat choice, but car entertainment is often neglected.

Lamaze clip-on pram toys have saved many car journeys for us. We are in fact still using Flynn the Dragon now.

I love him as he’s such a fun toy. He has crinkly bits and soft bits, perfect for sensory play, and his wings flap and make a clicking noise. He rapidly became one of her favorite toys.

Most toys are thrown over the edge of the car seat, which results in a toy-less screaming baby.

As these can be clipped on to a suitable area of the seat (or baby dungarees) this is no longer a problem.

Baby Clothes

Given the above caveat on baby sizing, I would aim to go larger rather than trying to guess the babies exact newborn size (or check with the parents if the baby has already been born, what size are they wearing?)

The baby is likely to have been gifted several outfits, so I would try and find something a little different.

A baby gown is really cute and useful in the evenings to keep baby warm between bathtime and bedtime.

Or you could splash out with an organic cotton baby grow

If you know the parents well and it fits with their sense of humour you can get some really funny baby grows and vests. A few examples here are:

An Experience

Consider paying for a baby experience rather than a physical gift. This can work well for a second baby, or if you aren’t sure what the parents need.

Although the days can seem long, the baby phase is so fleeting. Its important to make the most of the time you have and create special memories.

We visited a baby spa and I loved it. It’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of life these days, and taking some time to slow down and reconnect was really beneficial.

Changing Bag/Diaper Bag

Leaving the house post-baby can involve similar packing levels as a weekend away pre-baby.

Strolling out the door with your keys and phone in your pocket is very much a life of the past.

Now as well as getting yourself ready and the baby ready, new parents need to pack a bag filled with all the things baby might need before you can get back to the house.

A changing bag is a holdall or backpack with multiple pockets, sleeves and inserts designed to hold tiny baby items.

I resisted having one for so long, but really they are much better than using a normal backpack.

Silly Gifts

These ideas would be a great option for a funny baby shower gift:

Plush Toys

If in doubt soft plush toys are always a winner. I would opt for a comforter in favour of a large stuffed animal for a newborn.

The Jellycat range is really cute. Christina was given a pink Bashful Bunny and as a teeny baby, it was the only soft toy she showed much interest in.

Large gifts can be overwhelming for a tiny baby, the best toys are small like they are.

There we go, a huge list of gift ideas for babies 0-3 months. What did you like best? Let me know in the comments below. Did I miss anything?

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