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Shell Powis

Business Owner, Mom, and Full Time Bruno Mars Enthusiast.

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    Introduction Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be tough, especially when you have children at home. If you’re running your own business or working from home in other capacities, you may have struggled to establish a point where work ends and your home life begins. I’m here to help, whether you have a demanding job, […]
  • 15 Tips For An Overwhelmed Working Mom To Feel Better
    Being a working mom is hard. There is no getting away from the fact that it is tiring, it is messy and it is stressful. At times it can even feel like you’re living a double life, part-time mommy part-time boss. But in today’s society, there is no reason that a woman can’t have it […]
  • 10 Ways Moms Can Balance Work and Family
    Being a working mom can seem really difficult to manage. Of course you want to spend as much time treasuring your little ones as possible but it is equally as important that you make time for what’s important to you and in many cases this could be your career. Women often feel that once they […]
  • How Big Are Baby Blankets?
    How big are baby blankets? At first glance, that sounds like a perfectly reasonable question. But the more you stare at it, the more you realize it contains one central problem: there’s no such thing as a single, one-size-fits-all-occasions baby blanket. There are blankets for cribs, blankets for swaddling, blankets for a whole range of […]
  • What If My Baby Won’t Burp After Feeding?
    As any parent will know, burping a child after feeding is a very important thing you will need to do. If you are struggling to burp your child, this can be quite stressful. However, you just need to have patience and persistence to help your baby burp correctly. Often all your baby will need is […]