Shell Powis

Shell Powis

Are you stressed running a small business and parenting an infant, feeling like you’re never fully succeeding at either? I want to help you take back more quality time with your family without negatively impacting your business.

I’m right here in the trenches living this life right now. I don’t have it all figured out, but I’m documenting everything I learn so my journey can help you with yours. 

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I’m a veterinary surgeon and Joint Venture Partner with Vets4Pets. I’ve always loved animals and I’ve surprised myself by how fascinated I’ve become with the business side as well. Ownership can be challenging, but now more than ever I appreciate the control over my diary it brings. 


I gave birth to my beautiful daughter in March 2020. After birth complications and a difficult pregnancy, this was the first moment I held her. She absolutely lights up my world and I love finding new ways to make her smile. 
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When I do get some free time I enjoy cycling in brightly colored apparel. I also love to crochet and cross-stitch, however, I have yet to finish a project since before Motherhood. I live with my husband Jamie, our daughter Christina, 3 dogs, a cat, and a snake.