Unique Homemade Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Gift basket for a Newborn

Do you have some new parents in your life? Are you looking for the perfect gift to give them?

Check out my list of ideas for a homemade new baby gift basket to make them feel extra loved during this exciting time in their lives.

Whether they’re first-time parents or experienced in the trenches I’ve got some great suggestions for you to make the perfect present.

Let’s get started

Step 1: Choose A Theme For Your Basket

The first step to putting together your perfect baby gift basket is to decide if you would like to use a theme or not.

Remember that if you don’t want to choose a specific theme, you don’t have to! You can fill your basket with baby essentials for the perfect newborn gift.

If you do want to choose a theme here are some tips to help you choose:

Think About The Interests And Hobbies Of The Parents

This is a great way to add a personal touch to your baby gift box that won’t be found anywhere else.

For example, if they are avid runners what runner-themed gift items can you find? Perhaps baby clothes with running slogans on them, some custom-made booties shaped like running shoes, or nursery items like a picture frame that is running themed?

You can apply the same idea to other hobbies such as cars, sports, pets, etc for a truly unique gift.

These thoughtful items are sure to stand out and would make the perfect baby shower gift

Assess Their Need

Consider the family situation and the type of baby gifts they are likely to appreciate.

The contents of a new mom gift basket are likely to look quite different from a basket you would give to a family of 4.

If this is not a first baby then it’s likely the parents will have a lot of the clothes and equipment they need. In this case, I would prioritize personalized gifts.

You may want to include different items for a baby girl compared to a baby boy or opt for neutral colors if the gender of the baby is a surprise.

Theme Idea

A great idea for a beautiful baby gift basket would be to make it bath themed.

You could even buy a baby bath to use as the basket!

Fill it with all the baby items you’d need at bath time such as baby wash, baby shampoo, and a hooded towel.

Include bath toys such as rubber duckies (Read here to make sure you’re buying baby-safe bath toys) and a comb set for post-bath grooming.

Step 2: Select a Basket

Now that you know what type of gift basket you are going to create, it is time to select the container.

While many gift baskets use an actual wicker basket it’s entirely up to you what you choose.

Sometimes, a better container is one that doubles as a bonus gift for that particular theme (Such as the baby bath).

A word of caution, a bigger basket will take more items to fill, so if you are on a tight budget it’s best to look at buying a smaller basket.

Step 3: Purchase Gifts For the Basket

Now for the fun part – choosing the gifts!

By now you already know the theme of your basket and what container you will be using. We’ve covered a few gift ideas, but I have plenty more for you.

For a good gift basket, you want variety, choose different types of gifts that follow the theme and are of different sizes.

If you are using a wicker basket or other open container, you want to layer the items, so having small, medium, and large items definitely helps.

The advantage of a baby basket is it allows you to mix practical (but often slightly mundane) baby essentials in with more exciting gifts.

Here are some products you can include:

  • A personalized baby blanket (A cute idea is to have it embroidered with the baby’s name)
  • Small teddy bears and other plush toys (make sure these are baby safe with no small parts)
  • Baby lotion and baby oil for some quality bonding over baby massage
  • Teething toys for little ones who want to chew on everything they see
  • A personalized baby bottle if the parents intend to formula feed or express
  • Baby board books to start that sensory development straight away
  • A personalized baby bib or burp cloth
  • Baby socks – You can never have too many
  • A baby book to record all the precious memories of that first year

Don’t Forget The Parents

Along with all the great gifts to welcome baby – don’t forget the parents as well! Raising a tiny human is super tough and it’s easy for parents to forget to look after their own well-being.

Adding some adult gifts in with the baby stuff is sure to go down well. Consider the following:

  • Bath products like bath bombs or bubble bath to remind them to take a bit of time for themselves to unwind.
  • Scented candles and essential oils
  • If the new mother is breastfeeding add some lactation tea to help keep her hydrated and a nursing cover in case she’s nervous about feeding in public.
  • SNACKS! Parenting a newborn is exhausting. A steady supply of healthy snacks is vital in the early days

Step 4: Arrange the Gifts

This can be one of the intimidating parts of the gift basket-making process, but remember there is no right or wrong way to do it, so have fun and great creative!

If you are using a bag or anything that closes, try to put the larger items on the bottom so that when opening it, the recipient sees all of the products easily.

When you are using a basket or an open container like a baby bath, these tips will help:

Start with the tallest items first.

With a basket, you want to be able to see everything that is included, which means you don’t just want to throw everything until it fits and then wrap it up.

You really should have the taller and bigger items in the back, so that when adding the rest of the items, those taller items can still be seen.

Try to make sure every item can be seen.

You may need to arrange the gift basket a few times until you get it right.

You can move things around as needed until everything can be seen when the basket is received.

Line the bottom of the basket with towels and other similar items.

When you are giving something like baby towels or a small baby blanket as part of the gift, use that to line the bottom of the basket. This keeps it out of the way, but can still be seen.

Step 5: Add Filler to the Basket

Choosing the best filler material is a crucial component of making your gift basket look good.

Some people like to use shredded tissue paper or shred that they themselves have cut up and wrapped in matching wrapping paper, but most find it more convenient just to buy packaged items for this job.

Filler is sometimes added to the bottom of the basket, but this is optional. You can just fill the little holes around items with the filler.

What you are doing with the filler material is filing in any empty spaces so the basket looks full and the items remain in their intended position.

Step 6: Decorate and Wrap the Basket

This is only needed when using an actual basket, though you can also add ribbon or a bow to other containers you are using.

With a basket, once the items have been added and you have added the filler, you may want to wrap the entire basket.

This helps to keep all of the items in place and makes it easy to carry the gift to the recipient.

Use a large piece of clear plastic that wraps around the basket.

Gather the plastic at the top of the basket, twist it, and secure with some ribbon.

Tie it in a bow and you’re done with your gift basket!

I hope you enjoyed my list of unique baby gift basket ideas.

Let me know how your Baby Gift Basket turned out in the comments below! Good luck and happy gifting!

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