How To Decorate A Baby Shower Chair

A baby shower chair may seem unimportant, but in reality, it forms the centerpiece of the event. The entire shower is designed to celebrate the mother-to-be and the child growing inside of her.

Think of her like a queen, and the baby shower chair as her throne. 

What Is The Theme Of The Baby Shower?

If you have chosen to throw a themed baby shower, it is important that everything ties together well. This will extend to the furniture, particularly the mother’s chair.

If your theme is nature, use leaves, flowers, and other natural fibers for decoration. 

If your baby shower has a color theme, ensure the baby shower chair matches this. We advise keeping the main color theme and using a secondary color to complement this.

This elevates the aesthetic and provides a depth of design that would otherwise be missing. 

Picking The Chair

Probably too far…..

Baby showers are usually thrown relatively late into the pregnancy. This is a nice idea, but it does mean that the mother-to-be is often heavily pregnant and can easily become uncomfortable. 

It is important to choose a chair large enough for her to sit comfortably in, ideally one that provides a good level of back support.

Most people will also enjoy a chair with a high level of cushioning, to make the seated experience more pleasant. 

Rattan and wicker chairs may look really aesthetic, but who actually finds them comfortable? We know that image is important to a lot of people, but comfort will always trump this.

It can be harder to decorate a chair with a lot of cushioning, as there are often not as many areas to tie decorations onto.

If you are using your own chair, there is always the option of securing decorations with a staple gun for removal later.

Some people even opt for a rocking chair. This allows a level of movement not found in stationary chairs which can really increase the mother-to-be’s comfort level.

Other people choose to use a love seat or small couch to allow the prospective parents to sit together during the celebration. 

Using Tulle

Tulle is a very cheap and lightweight fabric that is ideal for party decorations. It can be found in a huge variety of colors, meaning that it is easy to select the perfect tones to suit your color scheme. 

If you are planning to use tulle to decorate your baby shower chair, we suggest choosing between 1 and 3 colors of tulle.

If you have multiple colors in the theme then simply select these. If your theme is based around 1 color, we suggest picking out 3 shades of the same color.

This will create a gorgeous and elevated ombre effect that will be stunning in all of the baby shower photographs. 

There are so many different ways to use tulle to decorate a chair. An average-sized chair will require tulle strips about 10 feet long each.

I suggest gathering the strips of tulle at each end and securing them to the chair. Grab the center point and secure this too. 

Other ways you can use tulle for decoration include twisting or braiding the strips together. I suggest playing around with a few different styles of the tulle before securing it to your chair.

You can then use fabric bows and ribbons to add the finishing touches to the chair. 

Once the tulle has been secured, gently pull on the sections in between to fluff out the fabric. This gives a more delicate and elegant look to the chair.

Alternatively, you can wrap the tulle around the back of the chair a few times and tie it in a large knot or bow behind the back. This gives an elegant layered look that is easy to create and comfortable to sit on. 

Using Fabric

Fabric strips are commonly used in a similar manner to the tulle. It is a great option to choose if your chair is not very aesthetic, to begin with.

Using fabric allows you to cover a greater area with more opacity. This means that stains, dents, and any other imperfections can easily be hidden and no one would be the wiser. 

You can also use a large sheet of fabric to cover the entirety of the chair’s surface. This is great if you wanted a different color chair, and is incredibly easy to do.

Tuck the excess fabric into gaps and seams of your chair. To complete the look, wrap the tulle around the back to elevate the chair further.

This will have the added benefit of keeping the fabric sheet in place while the chair is being used.

Adding Some Comfort

If you are a seamstress, or one of the grandparents-to-be enjoys knitting, this is the perfect opportunity to elevate the baby shower chair.

A few months before the date of the shower you could start working on a quilt or blanket for the mother and baby.

This will give you plenty of time to complete the project before the baby shower. If you are holding the shower in a colder month, the prospective mother can use the quilt at her shower to stay warm.

If it’s warmer, the blanket or quilt can be used to adorn the chair.

This is a lovely gift as not only is it useful and personalized, it is a great keepsake from the shower. The mother can then use this for her pregnancy and postpartum journey.

It can even be passed down to the baby when it’s old enough. 

Using Balloons

Nothing says celebration more than dozens of inflated balloons dotted around. While they are very aesthetically pleasing, balloons are not very environmentally friendly.

If the mother-to-be is environmentally conscious, a balloon arch or chair is unlikely to go down well. Luckily, there are many alternatives now such as these biodegradable latex balloons from Amazon.

These allow you to keep your aesthetic without causing harm to the world the new baby is being brought into. 

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