What To Wear To A Baby Shower

Baby showers are a rare and exciting event to be invited to, which means that you have to find the right outfit to fit the mood.

Baby showers aren’t exactly an exciting party like a bridal shower, but nor are they a dull event. 

There are several factors to consider when choosing something to wear to a baby shower. Will the mother-to-be’s elderly relatives be there?

Will there be baby shower games? Will the baby shower be held in summer or winter? All of these factors will determine what you should wear. 

What To Wear To A Baby Shower As A Guest

While it could be easy to say “just wear a nice top and jeans” to a baby shower, there is an abundance of factors to consider when choosing an outfit. 

Outdoor Baby Shower

Always consider the weather of an outdoor baby shower. Is it likely to rain? Will it be cold? Will it be scorching hot? 

For spring and summer, opt for a knee-length dress with a light cardigan. Pastels and bright colors go brilliantly with the sun.

Stick to flowing materials that are breathable, such as a midi skirt or drawstring linen pants. As for shoes, sandals or small heels go well with anything. A pair of white sneakers can be practical on grass, too!

For autumn and winter, it’s time to wrap up. There are no rules against wearing jeans to a baby shower, but we recommend opting for skinny jeans with no rips.

Pair these jeans with knee-high boots, a blouse, and a thick cardigan with a scarf. Alternatively, go for a knee-length skirt with tights, ankle boots, a sweater, and a signature hat.

As for colors, opt for muted neutral tones or gemstone colors such as emerald and sapphire. Burnt orange, burgundy, and purple are beautiful options for matching the color of the autumnal leaves. 

Indoor Baby Shower

Luckily, all the same, clothing ideas apply to indoor baby showers, too! However, you might want to consider air conditioning or central heating, as indoor baby showers aren’t likely to represent the weather outside.

However, you don’t have the risk of wind blowing up skirts and dresses! 

Baby Showers With Games

If you know the baby shower will have baby shower games, make sure to wear comfortable clothing. Skinny jeans will be too restricting, so opt for a midi-length skirt, drawstring linen wide leg pants, or a casual romper.

Knee-length dresses are also a good option, but just be careful not to reveal anything during a game of twister! 

Formal Baby Shower 

Formal baby showers usually mean elderly relatives are attending, so it’s best to keep your modesty and be respectful by covering everything up.

This means that if you are wearing a dress, it can’t be shorter than your knees (or wear tights!). Vintage-style wrap dresses and tea dresses are great for formal baby showers, as they provide a delicate ambience. 

If your wardrobe doesn’t offer delicate floral patterns, the safest bet is to wear plain colors. A white blouse can be easily dolled up with a statement necklace or pashmina. 

General Tips On What To Wear To A Baby Shower 

As each baby shower will be different, you can’t exactly take our tips to be the gospel truth. However, here are our general top tips on what to wear to a baby shower.

  • Don’t wear too much black 

Black is synonymous with funerals, which is kind of the opposite of a baby shower. While you can get away with wearing a black shirt or black boots, try not to wear a completely black outfit. 

  • If in doubt, consider the gender of the baby

If you’re really struggling to pick the appropriate clothes to wear, consider the gender of the baby. If this information has been revealed, you can alter your outfit to fit the gender stereotypes (pink for a girl, blue for a boy). 

  • Call other guests 

Whether you’ve been given a dress code or not, if you’re struggling to come up with an outfit, why not call the other guests to see what they’re wearing?

This is a safer option than to call the mum-to-be, who already has enough on her plate.

Making sure you’re on the same level with other guests will help you to blend in with the crowd, so you haven’t totally misread the occasion. 

  • Footwear

If the baby shower is being held indoors, make sure to wear clean shoes.

Not only this, but it might be worth wearing (or bringing) a pair of socks, as some mothers might not want people to wear shoes in their homes.

Outdoor baby showers require more hardy footwear depending on the ground, so avoid wearing heels. Not only will they be difficult to play games in, but there’s the risk of heels sinking into the grass!

  • Follow the dress code

Respect the host’s wishes and follow the dress code, even if you don’t think the colors or patterns would suit you.

This event is all about the baby and the mother-to-be, so try not to make anyone feel uncomfortable because you refuse to follow the dress code.

This means that even if the dress code is ridiculous and funny, you’ve got to take part!

  • Have fun

Being invited to a baby shower is a true honor. You are clearly a close friend or relative to the mum-to-be, so remember to have fun while you’re there. No outfit is complete without a smile on your face, after all!

What To Wear To A Baby Shower As The Mum-To-Be

Choosing what to wear to your own baby shower seems like the most inconvenient decision for mothers-to-be. The answer to your concerns is maternity dresses!

Ultimately, everyone attending is family or close friends so nobody is going to be critiquing what you wear, but maternity flowy dresses are both comfortable and stylish.

All that matters is that you wear clothes for comfort, as you are likely to be wearing your outfit for several hours as you accept gifts, mingle with guests, and potentially play baby shower games. 

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