How To Hide A Baby Bump

How To Hide Baby Bump

So you’re pregnant? What could be more exciting!

There will be lots of things that you are excited about from baby clothes shopping, to designing the nursery to holding your little one for the first  time.

But, everyone has things that they are less thrilled about when it comes to pregnancy and perhaps one of them is your new baby bump.

There are many different reasons that mums to be want to hide their baby bump including:

  • They are a high risk pregnancy or have had complications in the past so they don’t want to tell people until they are much further along. 
  • They want the birth to be a total surprise to family and friends. 
  • They are not yet ready to tell their workplace. 
  • They want to keep their pregnancy hidden for a specific event such as someone else’s wedding as to avoid attention. 
  • They simply do not like the look of it. 

Whatever your reason for wanting to hide your baby bump is, it is valid, it is your body so therefore it is your choice. It is just important to make sure that you do this in a safe way in order to keep both you and the baby safe.

Here are a few of our suggestions:

Wear Dark Clothing

Wearing dark clothing has always been known to be a good way to make yourself look slimmer and to take a couple of pounds off and during pregnancy this is no different.

In pregnancy this little trick is even more of a gem as it stops the formation of shadows that the bump would generally cause.

It also blocks light from shining through your clothes and revealing the little bump. 

Finding dark clothes shouldn’t be difficult as they are very sought after.

In terms of maternity clothes, over recent years there has been a big push on more work appropriate wear which in turn has led to a lot more dark and black clothing for mums to be. 

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

In simple terms having tight fitting clothes means literally outlining the bump and drawing attention to it which is counterproductive.

So therefore, it may seem obvious that wearing loose clothing is one of the most effective tricks for hiding your bump, however it is one that is often overlooked.

Loose clothing does not grip to your body and therefore people are less able to make out exact shapes, such as your newly rounded belly. 

Depending on your style there are many different types of loose clothing that you can wear.

Loose clothing can include a cute summer dress or sweatpants and a sweatshirt, so as you can see there really is something for everyone in this area. 

Layers, Layers And More Layers

Layers! Probably one of the most understated trends within the fashion industry and even more so when it comes to maternity fashion. 

Layers are a trendy way to hide exact shapes and outlines and look very inconspicuous as no one will be suspicious of you layering up as long as you do it right!

The way in which you layer up will depend on the time of year. It can include wearing a coat or a  jacket or simply wearing a shirt or over sized t-shirt over the top of your outfit.

If you want to maintain your own style throughout pregnancy (which can be important if you don’t want people to become suspicious) layers can be a great way to go. 

Wear Patterns

Wearing patterns can serve as a great distraction from whatever you are trying to hide so when disguising a bump this is a very valid option. 

For instance, wearing a plain white top will make your bump much more obvious than wearing a patterned white top.

This is because patterns distract the eye so onlookers are too busy looking at and being compelled to figure out patterns to notice your bump. 

Patterns is a very broad term which is good as it leaves room for individuality and for you to still abide by your own style.

Patterns can include simple spots and stripes or can be made from luminous exotic birds. It really is all up to you. 


Using accessories can be make or break when it comes to hiding your big secret. Accessories give you the power to deliberately cover certain areas.

One of the best ways that you can use accessories to cover your bump is a scarf! A scarf can drape down covering your bump, it is also loose and has a flair so it doesn’t grip to the bump but rather floats freely in front of it.

Scarfs are also not season dependent but rather they can be used year round in different varieties, for instance in winter you could use a cosy woolley or fluffy scarf but in some you can use a thin and bright piece. 

Wear Overalls

Although overalls are quite a niche fashion statement they can be a fantastic way of hiding your bump. These all-in-ones make it difficult for people to see your stomach as it is well hidden.

Overalls, also provide some great volume around your tummy so up until a certain stage the bump would be impossible to see anyway!

Overalls can be a lot more fashionable than you may initially think, they can come in a range of colors and materials to meet your fashion needs.

It may be worth looking online for some inspiration if this is a fashion move that you have not considered before. 

Final Thoughts 

Your bump is a sign of your little miracle that is growing inside you and should be cherished; however, there are times when you may decide that the right thing for you is to hide your bump and that is completely okay as long as you do so in a safe manner!

The 6 suggestions above are tried and tested by mums to be around the globe and you should give them a go.