Best Baby Pajamas

Best Baby Pajamas

What’s better than seeing your newborn in those cute pink frills your Aunt Carol bought? Or the lace and bow jumpsuit you saw on sale last week?

Well, it depends, although your baby might look the part, you might be doing more harm than good. 

Frills, buttons, bows, lace, they may all seem like a good idea. But remember your baby has been in a warm, cozy womb for the past nine months.

Surely they’d get a better night’s sleep if we could find some comfortable baby pajamas to replicate this? 

By putting looks over practicality you risk not only an uncomfortable night’s sleep for your little one, but also their safety.

What if the material causes a reaction? What if a button or a bow tie ends up breaking and becomes a choking hazard? 

But how do you make sure you’ve chosen the right pair of pajamas? Well, we’ve luckily done the research for you.

Below is a selection of the most sustainable, durable and comfortable baby pajamas on the market!

We’ve also created a buyer’s guide which indicates what you should keep an eye out for when shopping for your newborn. 

Our Best Baby Pajamas Reviews

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby 3-Pack Neutral Sleep and Play

These Simple Joys pajamas are perfect for keeping your baby comfortable at night. Their sizing ranges from preemies to 24 months and they come in a range of different colours and designs, making them gender neutral and adorable on every child. 

As the material is 100% cotton, they offer a silky soft touch to the skin, and even after multiple machine washes, the trusted Carter’s quality ensures this silky feel doesn’t fade.

With an easy-to-use zipper closure, outfit and diaper changes couldn’t be easier, yet with a cuddle tab fastened at the top, the zipper is kept away from those little chins. 


  • Comfortable– 100% cotton, breathable material that is soft but not too thick. 
  • Durable – Machine washable and the material doesn’t shrink or fade. 
  • Safe- Keep your baby safe with the zipper closure and cuddle tab. 
  • Accessible- Easy outfit and diaper changes
  • Fit- True to size. 


  • Material- Material can wear thin. 

HZYKOK Newborn Baby Boy Girl Clothes Set

If you prefer tops and pants over a jumpsuit, look no further than these cute little ribbed two-piece sets.

Also ranging from 0-24 months and available in eight different colours, these make for a comfortable yet stylish and elegant choice for your baby. 

The skin friendly knitted cotton material alongside the soft ribbed feel ensures for a comfortable yet warm night’s sleep.

The thermal yet breathable pants promise to be suitable for any time of day or night and can be worn all year long, making them a good and promising investment for buyers. 

While keeping your baby in fashion is important, the three wood buttons could be something to keep an eye on if your baby tugs on things in the night. If broken, these could become a choking hazard. 


  • Durable- Both machine and hand washable, with no signs of wear and tear after washing numerous times. 
  • Accessible- Pull on closure. 
  • Flexible- Suitable for all temperatures. 
  • Fit- True to size. 
  • 100% Satisfaction- Money Back Guarantee. 


  • Slight Safety Hazard– Buttons need to be monitored in case of choking hazard. 

Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton Coveralls 

Even the name of these sounds like they could replicate the coziness of a mother’s womb, right? The Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Coveralls come in a huge range of 25 designs, perfect for every personality!

They range from 0-24 months and are optimal for everyday use. 

Made with 100% organic cotton, they could not be softer or gentler on your baby’s sensitive skin, cancelling out any worry of allergic reactions or irritation caused by unsustainable materials.

A one-piece snap closure makes dressing easy and not only are these coveralls perfect for a sound night’s sleep but are flexible enough that they can be used for playtime or tummy time too. 


  • Sustainable Material- 100% organic cotton. 
  • Functional- Can be used at night or for everyday use. 
  • Comfortable- Loose enough for little arms and legs to breath at night, especially helpful for those babies suffering with skin conditions like eczema. 


  • Fit- Runs slightly bigger but shrinks in the wash. 

Newborn Baby Girls Fold Ruffle Jumpsuit

If you’re looking for comfort but can’t let go of those adorable little frills just yet, this ruffle jumpsuit may be the one for you.

Though it keeps up the ‘cute chic’ look, the cotton blend material still promises a buttery soft, comfortable fit and offers a skin-friendly fabric for your little one to wrap up in at night. 

The triple layer ruffles offer a stylish look and paired with one of fourteen designs; this boutique romper is perfect to let your child express themselves! 

Easy and adjustable, this romper is designed with five snaps on the crotch for changing a diaper easily in the dark.

It comes with a beautiful cotton headband and when paired together, also makes a great outfit for special occasions such as thanksgiving or birthdays. An all-round adaptable pair of pajamas! 


  • Fashionable- Perfect for parents who want to keep their baby comfortable but stylish. 
  • Functional- Can be used as home wear, sleepwear or occasion wear. 
  • Comfortable- Cotton blend material for delicate skin. 
  • Accessible- Easy to undo crotch snaps. 


  • Sizing– Ranges only from 0-9 months. 

Unisex Baby Layette Essentials Giftset Clothing Set 19-Piece

The Unisex Baby Layette Essentials Giftset is great for those who are searching for an entire bedtime collection.

The set includes five bodysuits, four pants, five caps and five mittens and comes in three collections: for girls, boys and a unisex set, making it the perfect option to welcome all little ones into the world. 

High quality elastic 100% organic cotton material and hat scratch-resistant mittens means your newborn is promised a comfortable night’s sleep in fabric that remains breathable.

This beautiful layette collection is optimal for everyday use and the coordinating patterns and colours means you can mix and match the pieces! 


  • Comfortable– High quality elastic 100% organic cotton material. 
  • Fast shipping– All nineteen pieces guaranteed to arrive on time. 
  • Adaptable– Can be used for any occasion. 
  • Fit- True to size. 
  • The Perfect Gift- Ideal for Christmas, Birthdays, Baby Showers. 


  • Sizing– Ranges only from 0-12 months. 

Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Fleece Footed Jumpsuit

Your baby will be snug as a bug in this Fleece Footed Jumpsuit.

Not only will they look simply adorable with the cute ears and fuzzy foot art but with a soft jersey lined interior, they’ll be warm and cozy all through the night. 

Like all Simple Joys jumpsuits, the zipper closure allows for easy diaper changes, but the cuddle tab promises to keep this zipper away from little chins.

It’s thick enough to withstand cold winter nights and the convertible hand covers are attached to the sleeve, meaning your little one can’t slip them off and start to feel the cold when you’re not looking. 

Running from 0-24 months, this jumpsuit is flexible in sizing and perfect for newborns and toddlers. However, it is 100% polyester, which can cause an allergic reaction to some skin types. 


  • Warm– Soft, fleecy material promises to keep your baby snug even during the winter. 
  • Adorable– Three cute designs, all with ears on the hood and reversible hand covers. 
  • Fit- True to size and room to grow. 
  • Accessible- Easy to use zipper closure. 


  • Material– 100% Polyester. 

Onesies Brand Baby 4-Pack Sleep ‘N Play Footies Multi Pack

The Onesies Sleep ‘N Play Footies is a multi-pack that includes four jumpsuits suitable for sleep or everyday use.

With six different collections, there is a design for everyone, and the front zipper makes dressing and changing simple. 

100% soft cotton jersey material, this multipack remains soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, even after several machine washes.

The fabric is completely breathable to stop irritation and every multipack is made to comply with all safe sleep standards, giving parents peace of mind.

The stretch of the fabric gives your little one full mobility and there is a safety tab on the zipper to avoid any irritation to the neck. 

With cute designs but completely practical for day or night use, these onesies are perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep in those spring and summer evenings. 


  • Comfortable– 100% soft cotton jersey. 
  • Safe– Complies with all safe sleep standards
  • Durable- Can survive multiple machine and hand washes. 
  • Fit- True to size. 


  • Material– Thin material. 

Nickelodeon Boys’ Baby Shark Snug Fit Cotton Footless Pajamas

These Nickelodeon Baby Shark Footless Pajamas make bedtime fun, offering a themed night’s sleep for your little one.

In case you haven’t had enough of “baby shark” yet, this officially licensed nickelodeon baby shark merchandise is the one for you! 

Offering both a long or short sleeve version, these pajamas can be used in winter or summer and are 100% cotton.

Crafted under highest safety regulations, you will be rest assured your child can snooze safely with their favorite shark all night long. 

Although designed with boys in mind, these pajamas make for a super cute option for either boy or girl but only range 12 months and above, meaning your newborn might have to wait that little bit longer! 


  • Comfortable– 100% cotton. 
  • Safe– Crafted under highest safety regulations. 
  • Fun- Provides a fun filled themed night
  • Flexible- Lightweight and the option for either a long sleeved or short sleeved version. 


  • Sizing- The smallest size is 12 months 

Pureborn Baby Boys Girls Footed Pajamas Sleep and Play Cotton Footie Footed Sleeper for Infant 0-12 Months 

If you’re looking for something that is designed with optimal comfort in mind, these pajamas were made for you.

Made with 100% breathable soft cotton, a crew neck, long sleeves and seamless sewing around the edges, these pajamas help maintain your baby’s body temperature all through the night. 

The zipper closure once again allows for easy dressing and the zipper garage and guard protects little chins.

Not only is it also machine washable, but it also gets softer with each wash, meaning your baby will never lose the comfort of the first night’s sleep in this Pureborn jumpsuit. 

The newborn sizes all the way to six months have reversible mittens, which means your baby won’t be able to scratch themselves in the night, and the built-in footed design keeps little toes warm.

These pajamas are perfectly safe and sustainable for every season and for wear at any point of night or day! 


  • Comfortable– 100% breathable soft cotton gets softer with each wash. 
  • Versatile– Medium thickness ensures they are suitable for all seasons. 
  • The Perfect Gift- Ideal for Christmas, Birthdays, Baptisms, Baby Showers. 


  • Fit– Runs slightly large. 

Baby Footed Pajamas with Mittens – 3 Pcs 

If you’re looking for something practical and simple, look no further than these cotton onesies.

Made with 100% cotton and a snap closure from head to toe, they make dressing easy and promise a comfortable night’s sleep.

With nine different designs, they range from plain grey to animals and spaceships meaning they are suited for every baby. 

Although the material is a light cotton, there are built-in footies and reversible mittens, even in the sizes above six months, to ensure warmth all through winter. 

However, the material can wear easily so it is suggested to wash these jumpsuits on a delicate cycle and dry on low heat. 


  • Comfortable– 100% cotton. 
  • Practical– Can be used all year round and mittens are available on all sizes. 
  • Wide Range of Designs– Adorable colours and prints, suitable for everyone. 


  • Material- Material can wear easily. 

Buyer’s Guide 

Although you might be tempted to buy the cutest outfit you see for your baby, sometimes it’s not as simple as it seems.

There’s so much to consider and research when purchasing baby pajamas and this buyer guide will hopefully provide some guidance on what to look for and how to not get caught out by unsustainable and harmful pajamas. 


When looking at material, it is best to look for 100% cotton.

This is because your baby has been so warm and comfortable in the womb, you want to be looking for a material to replicate this.

The soft, gentle warm touch of cotton at night will ensure your baby falls sound asleep without irritation or allergic reaction. 

Especially if your baby has sensitive skin, it is also best to check there are no harmful dyes and chemicals in the fabric before purchasing to ensure optimal safety and comfort all night long. 


Sometimes just trusting that the product has passed safety regulations is not enough. Most sellers will tell you the product has passed these checks, but always dig deeper. Have a look at reviews and previous buyers. 

What have they said? Not only does the fabric need to be safe but also keep an eye on decorations like frills, laces, bows, and buttons.

If these are not sewed on properly, they can become choking hazards. So, look for practicality over style and in most cases all baby designs look absolutely adorable on your little one anyway. 


If your baby is wearing pajamas every night, they are going to need to be washed often. Babies are messy.

So ensure your pajamas are machine washable and read reviews to see how durable they are after several washes. 

It’s great to find the cutest outfit for your baby, but if it’s faded after three washes, you may find yourself not only very annoyed but out of pocket too.

No one wants to be replacing their babies pajamas each week!

This is where organic cotton makes a difference. This fabric is slightly more durable than regular cotton and does not have any harmful chemicals that can weaken the cotton threads. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Should I Size Up Or Down? 

This depends on a variety of things. If your baby is a newborn, you’re going to want a snug fit, but as they grow, you could always buy a size up to get maximum use out of the pajamas.

It also depends on material. If you are buying a set that is thick and fleecy, you’re not going to want extra material on top, so it’s best to stick with an accurate size.

However, if it’s a short-sleeved cotton romper, one size bigger will only ensure optimal comfort and the extra material should not bother but only ensure your baby stays cozy. 

How Do I Know If My Baby’s Pajamas Are Too Warm? 

Before you put them to bed, touch the nape of your baby’s neck.

If it’s sweaty, consider buying a cooler set of pajamas and immediately change them before they go to sleep.

Yet if it’s cold, opt for a warmer and thicker material.

Check their cheeks and breathing. If the baby breathes rapidly with rosy cheeks, they are too hot and it’s best to take that big fleecy jumpsuit off and save it for winter! 

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